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Best scanner for mini cooper

OBD or On-board Diagnostics system can be regarded as one of the numerous boons of the modern science which has made our life easy and convenient. It offers the user or the technician of a vehicle an enhanced access to various systems and mechanisms working inside the car and informs if the vehicle is having a problem in any of its components.

This helps the user quickly identify the issue and take up remedial steps without having to search for it in every nook and corner of the vehicle. Moreover it is also a very useful way to keep your vehicle under constant monitoring and thus keep up a healthy vehicle condition all through its life.

Now the question arises what kind of OBD2 scanner is best for you. The answer depends largely upon your skill level. For instance code readers offer basic capability to interpret and clear codes related to the problems of a vehicle which is equipped with the advanced on-board diagnostics system.

But if you are an advanced user and familiar with the detailed knowhow of your vehicle you can go for the expensive precise tools that presents a lot of meticulous information related to different mechanical issues. Hence you might feel a bit confused to determine which should be the most suitable option for you.

This will save much of your time and effort and at the same time help you take the right buying decision. This high class OBD2 scanner is really a very nice diagnostic device quite literally. It offers a great coverage of over 50 European, Asian and domestic makes.

It equips a remarkable technology that recreates the full functionality of an OEM tool that is used by the automobile technicians. Comprehensive Diagnostic System : The device offers a complete solution for each and every diagnostic need and includes OE connectors for all models released since till the latest ones such as BMW 20 pins, Mercedes 30 pins, Nissan 14 pins etc.

best scanner for mini cooper

Wi-Fi Capability : The users can use the device wirelessly sitting at any corner of the workshop with Wi-Fi facility. Moreover, it features a convenient easy-to-use design with automatic operation and a tech savvy touch screen. It can also record, playback and stream live data to trace malfunctioning components. This is also a highly efficient OBD2 scanner with a lot of utilitarian facilities including the unique dongle connectivity.

BlueDriver Sensor and App : While the efficient sensors guarantee errorless results, the effective app gives you the codes in a precise and easy to read format.

Advanced Readings : The device is endowed with the enhanced ability to read out advanced data such as misfire counts and provides advanced codes related to transmission, ABS and airbags offering you the best control over the vehicle. Repair Reporting : In addition to detecting problems the gadget also provides possible suggestions about the fixing procedures. It fetches the suggestion from its enormous database made up of over 4 million successful repairs. Moreover, it can be updated online. It also checks the drive cycle in addition.

Engine Light check : AD automatically checks and notifies the cause for the engine light to be on. The device also regains generic and manufacture specific codes for accurate malfunction detection.

Troubleshooting Tips : A good OBD2 scanner not only rescues the trouble codes but also suggests possible rectification procedures at the same time. And AD does that very efficiently and thus saves considerable time and effort. Enhanced Onboard Monitoring : The device monitors the engine system on a constant basis and reports anomaly if any. In this way it helps to keep up the optimal performance of the vehicle. Easy-to-use Design : No matter whether you are casual or professional this model offers easy access to different features through its all-in-one hot keys.Tags: odb2 scanner.

Most Liked Posts. I'm looking for the best scanners for my JCW cabriolet R Wants: 1. Must be able to read AND reset error codes in the convertible top. Must be able to read AND reset all the usual drivetrain error codes. Wireless 4. Compatible with iPhone 5S and iPad 3. Nice to haves: 5. Realtime displays of RPM's, temps, etc. Ability to reprogram various convenience related functions.

best scanner for mini cooper

All I know about are the ones I've used. I'm not familiar with any wireless units that will do what you're looking for. Those that aren't important codes clear themselves after an ignition cycle without a fancy reset tool. I never had to clear a code on my Mini and on my truck, those I cleared always came back until I did some surgery. I use Torque for Android and it can do everything on your list except 4 and 6.

Tons of add-ons available for track use, camera overlays, etc.

Top 10 Best OBD2 Scanners in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

I don't think they make an iOS version, but there are a number of similar apps out there. DneprDave Well-Known Member. Though not applicable for series one cars, I thought I'd add this for completeness. Besides reprogramming the ECU, it also reads all the proprietary codes and works as a data logger.Tags: best or most scan tools.

Most Liked Posts. It seems there are several types of diagnostic tools out there: hardware based scanners and software diagnostic tools. Also, with an OBD cable connected to a laptop, it would seem that you'd have a wider choice of software. Is this true? Nitrominis Banned. Metalman Well-Known Member. Dr Obnxs New Member.

Jun 11, 1, 3 0 A Man of Wit and Charm! Just ask my wife! Woodside, CA, up in the hills and trees. Both do logging and the like. The hand held ones like the Innova scanners I sell on my blog site Dr Obnxs' Musings are very good, universal units, but are only for code clearing. I think Innova has one that does airbag codes as well. I have had an Innova scanner for years, it's one of the standard tools in my bag of tricks. I recently upgraded the basic one that I've used forever, cause my wife's car is CAN based and more and more cars that I deal with are.

I'm also getting a copy of the Mynes ByteTronic tuning software to work with. Anyway, I don't know everything that it does, but it's good to know that us modders will finally have a way to tune our own cars! Jason Montague New Member. Person Moved On New Member. They expect it in the first quarter of this year. Nathan Founder.

About to purchase a system myself but would wait if there is one I could use on the android, just for not having to carry so much around. I look enough like the Beverly Hillbillies when i go to the track as is So please let us know when you have more info Nathan.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here.

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. More than just for mechanics, the best car code readers are a simple way to diagnose your car before you shell out some serious cash for a mechanic. If you're someone that has bit of a black thumb or just looking to learn more about the inner workings of your car, a car code reader is a great place to start. While they can't fix your car's mechanical problems, they can tell you where to begin.

These tools are also a must-have for anyone looking to purchase a second-hand vehicle, allowing you to quickly reveal any glaring inadequacies that the previous owner may have failed to mention. It works on most cars made in the U. The large LCD display has a white backlight to make it easy to read even in dim lighting. The scanner comes with a 2. A three-year warranty means you can rest easy choosing this scanner. Like some of the other options on our list, the Foxwell NT Car OBD2 Code Scanner can quickly read and erase engine fault codes, but it also provides on-screen code definitions and a built-in code look-up library to quickly and easily allow you to determine the cause of your check engine light without needing a separate manual or any other reference.

Automatic VIN acquisition helps this scanner grab manufacturer specific codes, too. This scanner also shows live vehicle sensor data in text and graph format, which gives you additional tools to figure out what is going on with your car. The full-color screen is easy on the eyes and the red-yellow-green LED indicator helps you quickly check emission monitor status and catch intermittent problems too.

This error scanner from NEXPEAK has all the core features you look for in a unit: error code lookups for check engine lights, a monitor for MIL codes, and even the ability to check the battery health of your car.

The 2. Veepeak has a few different offerings at the low end of the engine code reader range, but few options are as affordable as the OBDCheck here.

The unit also features a bright DTC-definition display and an easy-to-use interface. This small sensor, once installed, transmits codes, errors, and information via Bluetooth to the BlueDriver app.

You can take all the requisite actions like calling up codes, searching them, and even setting the app into HUD mode to treat it as an onboard meter. You can even have the app generate repair reports on-demand that are compiled and verified by certified technicians. These repair reports are pulled from a database over 6. This scanner is small, but mighty, making it very portable and compact enough to hold and operate using only one hand.

The rugged rubberized housing gives it a good grip and protects it from bumps and spills. The code definitions can be displayed in multiple languages, including English, French, German or Spanish. If you need a no-nonsense car code reader, the BAFX Bluetooth scan tool is easily the smallest and most budget-friendly option on our list.

This reader may lack an integrated display, but is still capable of providing readouts to your OBD reader app of choice on either your Android or iOS device. Just like most of the readers on our list, the BAFX Bluetooth scanner is compatible with just about any vehicle manufactured afterand can provide you with real-time data on EOT, RPM, 02 readings and more.

Provided you aren't using this reader in a professional environment, the BAFX Bluetooth scan tool is a solid option for most users. Whether you're a professional mechanic, or just trying to troubleshoot a second-hand vehicle, this scanner is a fantastic option despite the slightly higher price tag. Price - Car code readers can come in at many different price points. Codes and sensor readings - What kind of codes—manufacturer, generic, etc. Make sure you choose a model that's compatible with your particular car.Starting inautomotive manufacturers began equipping all new cars with a new federally mandated emissions diagnostic system called On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD-II.

The OBD-II system was developed primarily to help combat emissions problems by quickly and easily identifying failed components of the fuel injection system. In the past, it was prohibitively expensive to purchase the equipment required to read and process the information from the OBD-II interface. However, scanning tools and software has come down significantly in price, enabling just about any home mechanic to read, record, and monitor the entire fuel injection system.

These scan tools save you time and money by allowing you to diagnose potential problems without repeatedly taking your car to your local mechanic or dealer. I have heard people gripe and complain about how today's modern cars have become so complex that the average do-it-yourself mechanic can't figure out what's wrong with the car.

I don't agree with that - the OBD-II cars are much easier to diagnose and repair than earlier models primarily because the computer will tell you exactly what is wrong and often takes the guesswork out of complicated troubleshooting. For my own garage, I chose the laptop-based software from AutoEnginuity, available from PelicanParts. The package comes complete with an OBD-II adapter, a serial cable, and software that is installed on your Windows laptop computer.

Mixing that with known characteristics of the car from pre-configured profiles stored within the software, the computer can accurately estimate performance characteristics like horsepower and torque.

In addition, you can enter compensation variables into the software temperature, humidity, altitudeto help correct the horsepower results to ensure accurate and repeatable results. If you have modified your BMW, you can change the default values specifically to fit your car.

The SpeedTracer tool is definitely a fun tool to play around with. However, like the big roller dynos, the horsepower figures are somewhat subjective. Driving ability and habits may slightly skew results in the software. As with the traditional dyno, SpeedTracer is best viewed as a comparison and tuning tool. Although not as precise as a real dyno, you can test your car indefinitely, and use it to determine if you're gaining any horsepower from minor modifications and tweaks. As with the big dyno, the results are often dependent on environmental factors, so you should only really compare numbers from same-day runs.

It's also highly dependent on the characteristics of your driving, including the speed at which you shift through the gears. Another downside, of course is that you need a laptop computer to make the whole system work. The OBD port is located near the driver's foot well, on the lower left side. Simply flip open the cover, pull off the plastic connector cover, and plug in the adapter. Run the cable over the steering wheel and plug it into your laptop, which can fit on the passenger's seat.

Large Image Extra-Large Image. The AutoEnginuity software has several different screens that allow you to monitor the system in real-time. The lower-left screen shows the live data screen, which can be customized to show any one of the OBD-II sensors.

You can output oxygen sensor voltages, engine RPM, coolant temperature, ignition timing advance, intake air temperature, or a host of other sensor values. The software allows you to capture and freeze the data or log it to your local hard drive. On the upper-left is the Dashtop screen, which allows you to monitor various sensors in a analog format. This is very useful for when the car is in motion, and you want to quickly glance at the "gauges" to get a quick idea of what their values are.

This screen functions very similar to the sensor screen with the digital readouts. There is a separate screen specifically tailored to monitor your oxygen sensors lower-right. The oxygen sensor also known as the O2 sensor is probably the best indicator of your engine's health and performance.Fits your Change Vehicle. Change Vehicle. Everything from low coolant messages, engine misfires, transmission temperatures, light bulb failures, brake pad replacement, and so much more. The sophisticated electronics are throughout the car.

The Schwaben BMW scan tool. Not all diagnostic scan tools are the same. The cheap ones you find at catalog outlet stores are generic and give you generic information sometimes not even that. BMW actually has very specialized diagnostic systems that they only share with dealers. It's not generic and packs some serious features in its small case. We've used this in our service department and were very impressed with the depth of its capabilities.

While versatile, this scan tool covers a wide range of BMW models and platforms and it cannot be a catch-all tool for every job. Some functions may not be available but will be reviewed in future updates. Note: Microsoft PC required for updates.

MINI COOPER Scan Tools and Code Readers

You will need to register your scan tool in order to receive update notices via e-mail. Vehicles with 20 pin under hood connector will require the separate adapter for use. Click here for link.


All warranties, product application, fitment, and performance are the responsibility of Turner Motorsport. For additional information see the terms of use. Video successfully uploaded. Your video will appear once it is approved. Add Another Video. My Account Sign In. BMW 2 Series. BMW 3 Series.One of the most devastating things is to have a car that develops constant break downs without you knowing where the problem is exactly. You do not need to worry any more, the invention of the Mini cooper OBD reader, is an assured way of showing you exactly where the problem of your car is.

The mini cooper OBD reader will give you an engine check and then give out the code error, you are then required to check whether it is safe enough for you to continue driving or not.

The mini cooper OBD reader has a compact size which is for you to use, it has also been made available for both the cooper S and any mini type from to They have been rated as one of the most durable readers available as they can withstand regular or daily use by the mechanics who are professionals.

They show your engine faults and display their codes thereby giving you easy time in its diagnosis. It has become very popular amongst many mechanics as it also resets your car oil service thereby making the mileage car serving easy. The Mini cooper OBD reader shows other engine related problems and does the resetting of the engine check and services the engine soon lights.

It is one of the best kits available as it will help you avoid unnecessary car servicing which might be costly to you. It is a very small gadget which cannot take a big space for installation, you need to have it in order to make regular checkups and be sure as to when your car needs a serious mechanical attendance. There are several designations of the Mini cooper OBD reader which have been brought forward such as the cooper hatch back, and the cooper s convertible however, the original design has been kept and highly maintained.

The mini cooper uses an ISO of protocol which is equal to the standard Rs connectivity. The data from the sensors modifies the running rate of your engine by the alteration of the ignition timing.

It acts as a built in computer to your mini car for constant engine check and evaluation. It is a computer asynchronous serial component which handles your car communications and detections.

best scanner for mini cooper

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