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Harley roadster vs sportster

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InWilliam S. Harley penned blueprints for a combustion engine designed to fit into a bicycle frame. At the same time, George M.

Fast forward to today and the two brands still have their sights clearly set on each other. This year, both American motorcycle companies pulled the wraps off new models designed to spill that age-old rivalry out onto the streets in a fight to attract new riders. The Harley-Davidson Sportster is now in its sixtieth year of continued production, but the Roadster is the newest offering in a family that now runs six deep. The styling is aggressive and athletic — almost anti-Harley. The low-end grunt, confident handling and ergonomics that demand a slight reach — with cafe racer—esque bars and mid-mounted pegs — create a rider triangle that falls somewhere between a traditional cruiser and apex hunter.

Harley Roadster VS Harley XR1200: The BEST Harley Comparison

Unfortunately, the long feelers on the pegs deliver a grinding reminder that a cruiser lies beneath. They poke so far from the frame that they limit the mid-corner performance on what is an overall impressive package. It wears its cruiser badge proudly. Like the Roadster, it sports bar-end mirrors, shortened bobbed rear fender and blacked-out everything in the name of attracting younger buyers.

But where Harley refined its iron in pursuit of added performance, Indian took a different approach and applied mostly cosmetic changes. A new nacelle has been fitted up front, and the handlebars are flat, racy. As a package, it looks muscular and mean and, I must admit, I did feel a little badass in the saddle.

That put extra strain on my lower back, legs and shoulders. Every road imperfection was felt. Over their century-long battle, Indian and Harley have gone bar-to-bar on racetracks, hill climbs and along the boulevards of America.

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Gear Patrol. The Newsletter Get the best new products, deals, and stories from across the world, in your inbox daily.The main difference was the Roadster had a different styled gas tank with a dash and different bars than the standard Sportster, it was intended to make the Sportster look like a Big Twin HD.

It also does not have extra gas in the frame and does not have the oil tank in the gas tank. The 88B is in the Softail bikes, well, 96 inch now.

The Dyna has a lower seat height than the XL too, except for the L. Some big twin riders will razz a guy on a XL, but not after following an XL through some twisty roads. For long distance comfort, or a bike with a lower center of gravity, the FX line is superior to the XL. A Sportster is definitely not just a "ladies bike" though.

harley roadster vs sportster

Some of the fastest Harleys around are Sportsters that have been hopped up to 88 cubic inches. Not sure what you mean by a roadster. The above answer gives a great answer about sportsters. They are not girl bikes and are not really easier to ride than a big twin. The tranny and engine are in one case unlike the big twins.

The were made for dirt and board track racing back in the day. A lot of guys will tell you the love thier big twin but miss there sportster that is more fun riding around town.

2016 - 2019 Harley-Davidson Roadster

If I recall correctly, a Roadster is a Sportster with a big gas tank, and some other detail differences. The Sportster has the engine and transmission all in one case the big twins have a separate engine and transmission, although the engine is basically the same.

The Big Twins tires are fatter and are made for more hwy use. Harley Made the sportster in they called the K model sportster which dominated the flat track racing for decades, Evil Kenvil made his jumps on a XR The first sportsters had flat head engines I think sportsters came out with over head valves in Harley had been producing overhead valve engines since for the big twins. If you keep wondering about what Harleys are you will be fascinated with how they are made and are basickly the same since they just got bigger and better helped win a couple of world wars with the messengers that rode them in the war zones.

I can see you are begining a the romance of your life. Don't buy a store bought Harley, Build it your self with ordinary skills and tools. Just different handlebars or such, all Sportsters are really the same thing with very small differences.

A Sportster is an entry level Harley which come in and cc models. I believe that you mean cruisers rather than roadsters. A cruiser, often referred to as a bagger because of the mounted stock storage bags, are heavier, more powerful and are designed for long highway cruising. Steven c. Answer Save. Source s : 20yr HD Tech.

MMI Grad and Christina Lv 4.The company is struggling with sales to young people and is actively reaching out to new customers. A scrambler could be the ideal model to add to their line-up. Early Harleys were quite capable off road and WLAs were used during war time on tough terrain.

harley roadster vs sportster

In the s, Harley introduced several trail bikes made at the Italian Aermacchi factory that they owned at the time. A custom Sportster scrambler even came fourth in the famed Baja desert race. I rode one half way up Cape York and found it a heavy handful, but still quite capable.

However, we doubt Harley would go down the adventure track pun intended. It would be much easier for the Milwaukee giant to go the mild-dirt option with a scrambler which is the current love-child of the hipster generation.

Harley could easily make scrambler versions of both the Street and Sportster. The Street or would be easy as it is light and has a fairly conventional frame for customisation. Harley-Davidson Australia has even customised a Street as a hill climber. Meanwhile, Sportster is tipped to receive a major revamp this year with a whole new frame, engine and transmission.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Roadster (2016-on)

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Check it out. Dirt history Harley is no complete stranger to the dirt. Check out this video of US Army dispatch riders in training. Harley-Davidson new boss faces Aussie sales slump Harley-Davidson exploring many avenues to reach new audience Blind Aussie rider goes for speed record.

Triumph Speedmaster masters cruising speed. Charity ride to Bourke to restore sight. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.But that ends with this version. A Harley Sportster? Yes, there is, at last. The familiar cc, air-cooled, pushrod V-twin is completely unchanged from that of its cruiser siblings. This gives it much more drive out of the corners and when out for a fun ride, you can just leave it in third gear and ride everywhere on a wave of torque.

Instead, just sit back, relax and bring on the noise. The days of Harley-Davidsons with poor reliability are thankfully long-gone. Stick to the service intervals and the Roadster should be fairly bombproof. You will need to keep on top of the finish or the gleam will fade pretty quickly. The cost of a Harley-Davidson hasn't risen much in the last 10 years, while other brands have let their prices spiral.

They also hold their value, which is great when you decide it's time for a change, but not so great if you're in the market for a used model. The familiar, cruiser-style chunky switch-gear and, particularly, control levers and footpegs are basically unchanged from the existing Sportster models.

While for me, the humpbacked, 'Peanut' fuel tank, which was originally specifically designed to meet a cruiser aesthetic, jars with the overall look, too. There was no 'Harley Performance' orange and black initially even though it seemed ideal for this sort of bike.

Harley obviously agreed, because it was added as an option when the paint was updated. The term 'Sportster' isn't actually a model name but defines a whole family of Harley-Davidson models. These include:. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. Harley-Davidson have announced the winner of their King of Kings custom build competition as Oscar Honda are working on a larger capacity version of the Rebel — and it will be based on the Africa Filings from the European patent office have confirmed that Harley-Davidson are moving forward with Here's your first official look at the BMW R18 cruiser.A little sparse, a little spare, and an exercise in understatement describes the new-in Harley-Davidson Roadsterat least in appearance.

Not just a cut-down Sportster, the Roadster features a different frame and enhanced suspension along with the tried-and-true air-cooled Evolution engine. Honestly, at first glance I was a little underwhelmed by this offering from The Motor Company.

At this point, I abandoned all of my preconceptions and took a slightly more objective look at the Roadster, finally willing to give it an honest chance. This is kind of a peculiar-looking machine.

Kind of reminds me of the earless, tailless cat named Old Bob that hung out at the shipyard docks. The rear fender comes chopped back to the struts, and the low bars and mirrors lends it the earless look. Word from the factory is that they took a number of influences and mashed them together for this project.

This ride carries a number of features that were newly-made for the model year, to include sportier suspension, finned timing covers, special cast wheels, special seat, and as always, model-specific tank graphics. While largely unchanged fromthe factory did see the wisdom of adding a battery tender harness as standard equipment.

The factory pulled the steering head in a bit for A set of 43 mm, usd forks with tri-rate springs supports the front on 4. I like inverted forks for their stability and torsion resistance, and these make the Roadster look like serious businessdefinitely my favorite of the new-from features. The inch front, and inch rear tires push the seat up to All of this gives us more suspension travel and lean angle than you would normally expect from a Sportster model.

Twin-pot calipers bind the overkill-sized, mm front brake discs, with a third dual-piston binder in back. You can add the ABS option for a few dollars more, or go old-school with the unaugmented brake system. The Sportster lineup has essentially used the same basic engine design sinceso this engine has certainly paid its dues. There have been a number of innovations and improvements over the years that make this mill superior to its forebears, no matter how much they look alike.

Harley went to fuel injection across the board to meet emissions standards, but so far have kept the Sportster as an air-cooled mill in its characteristic, degree V-Twin configuration. The 3. All this combines to produce 76 pound-feet of torque at 3, rpm and 48 mpg.

Unlike my Sporty, rubber isolation mounts prevent much of the vibration from transferring to the frame, and so it will be less fatiguing on the highway.

A five-speed transmission and belt drive makes the final connection to the rear wheel and pavement. As usual, Harley is fairly proud of its product, and it shows on the sticker. California brothers and sisters can expect to see another bill tacked on for your unique emissions requirements.

Triumph Motorcycles has ever been one of the traditional foes to the U. The Roadster really looks like someone went a little nuts with the grinder and took the fenders down to a nub in the backyard, and while that is not without a certain charm all its own, it leaves the bike lacking a little something visually.

Both rides run air-cooled, twin-cylinder plants with cc displacement, but naturally the H-D is a degree V-twin while the Trumpet runs a parallel-twin.

harley roadster vs sportster

The British Bulldog comes out on the dyno, with the Thruxton showing The Motor Company gets some back at the till. Gotta kind of look at it, then sleep on it before you can make up your mind. I like the premise of the bike, but I think it just looks odd.

I was never a Roadster fan the model, not the style; love the style. That being said, it is very reminiscent of the KHR. Quickbut not fast is a good description.Trying to figure out which of these bikes or scooters to buy?

This comparison has been carried out on the basis of prices, engine specifications, mileage, and features of these two-wheelers. As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight base engine returns 20 kmpl. The Harley-Davidson Roadster base returns 20 kmpl. Select Model. Select Variant. Show Similarities Hide Similarities. Harley-Davidson Roadster. Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight.

Ex-Showroom Price. Engine CC. No Of Cylinder. Max Power. Max Torque.

2017 Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster: Reviewed

Valves Per Cylinder. Fuel Delivery. Cooling System. Starting Mechanism. Emission Standard. Fuel Consumption. Fuel Tank Capacity. Reserve Fuel Capacity. Overall Riding Range. Dimension and Weight.The new Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportster is another awesome Sportster bike that has captured the attention of riders in the market.

The is one of the ideal bikes that help in custom style riding and is famous for its street-eating machine with tucked in fastback style. It features the powerful cc engine that delivers corner-cracking torque. If someone is planning to enjoy the long ride, the new Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportster is the first name that comes in mind.

The review of new Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportster with its price and specifications are given below. It is well-known for its massive low-end torque and soul-satisfying sound. The new lightweight aluminum heads and cylinders improve air-cooling efficiency. Like the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special, this new Sportster features the best performing engine that provides excellent riding experience, especially during long rides.

The new Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportster features an attractive chassis dominated by blacked-out styling. It contains plenty of blacks to bring the dark edge to the garage-built look of the roadster bike. The mirrors, belt guard and the headlamp, are entirely black. The new oval air cleaner has the black insert. There are new slotted black exhaust shields, and the blacked-out powertrain not only looks attractive but enhances its overall beauty.

The new slammed handlebars provide maximum control in the hands of riders plus they ensure to have an aggressive riding position. As compared to the Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportsterthis new model features the 43 mm of front suspension with inverted forks. These forks feature the cartridge damping and the sturdy look of heavy new triple clamps.

The braking system features the dual front brakes with the floating rotors so that rider can feel confident during every stop. There is a right combination of comfort and custom style incorporated in this new Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportster. It features the low profile, two-up seat with the seat height of It ensures to have a low center of gravity and the confident handling.

The new 19 inches of a front wheel and 18 inches of rear wheel enhances the overall custom look, and it is straightforward to steer and better power to weight ratio. This article provides you the review of new Harley-Davidson Roadster Sportster and is covered under the supervision of Bikes Catalog. This new Harley-Davidson bike is well-known for its best performing and agility in the market. The high performing engine and stylish chassis design give fantastic riding experience.

It is one of the best and ideal bike for those riders who prefer long distance rides on bikes. March 30, January 28, January 28,


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